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642-832 exam dumps Empty 642-832 exam dumps

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Cisco implementation is an international level recognized certification offered by Cisco worldwide. 642-832 is one of the most important certification codes of Cisco certification, Implementation.

1. At which layer of the OSI model does the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) operate at?
A. Layer 5
B. Layer 4
C. Layer 3
D. Layer 2
E. Layer 1
Answer: D

2. Part of the routing table of router Cisco1 is displayed below:
From analyzing the above command output, what is the administrative distance of the external EIGRP routes?
A. 24
B. 32
C. 90
D. 170
E. 27316
F. None of the other alternatives apply
Answer: D

3. EIGRP is being used as the routing protocol on the Cisco network. While troubleshooting some network connectivity issues, you notice a large number of EIGRP SIA (Stuck in Active) messages. What causes these SIA routes? (Select two)
A. The neighboring router stops receiving ACK packets from this router.
B. The neighboring router starts receiving route updates from this router.
C. The neighboring router is too busy to answer the query (generally caused by high CPU utilization).
D. The neighboring router is having memory problems and cannot allocate the memory to process the query or build the reply packet.
Answer: CD

These questions and answers provide you with the experience of taking the actual test. Our 642-832 Exam is not just questions and answers.They are your access to high technical expertise and accelerated learning capacity.


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